@ivan_488740454707352 when you say 16 wires, do you mean cables? Why do you have 16? Can you upload a photo?

If it is 16 individual wires (onto 4 plugs) then that could be the issue as PoE will generally need all 8 wires (4 pairs) terminated into the RJ45 plug. Can you confirm....

So when you put cable tester on cable in your house, you are putting the remote tester unit on the other end? You need to put the remote unit to test the cables and provide loops etc and check for for cross pairs.

I don't know your experience with testing, but if you search on YouTube "how to test ethernet cable" there are some useful guides. Have you tried this with one of the other 3 positions where the cables go to?

The other possibility as I mentioned before is that there is another intermediate panel somewhere? It is highly unlikely that both the camera and the tester are going to show nothing for all of the cables. Is it possible that someone has done some DIY and cut through the cables? Major rat issue? rats love chewing cables

quite intriguing..