• Let me start by saying that the ReoLink Argus cameras are really great cameras. The CLEAR setting (1080p) with bit rate of 2048 produces outstanding live-view feeds and records excellent quality video, and it takes outstanding quality snapshots....that being said, I am truly disappointed in the Mobi

  • Has anyone seen issues with email NOT being sent, even though video IS captured via PC client and on camera-local storage? This occurred with all of the 9 Reolink RLC-{410s,411ws} and C1's for a 20-minute period of time today. The cams use smtp gmail, and have worked properly prior to, and subsequen

  • The Argus (wireless/battery) cameras are nice, but the huge disappointment is not being able to view the cameras on the desktop client software. Yes I can view it on the phone app, but I also want to be able to view it on my desktop client software. What is the expected date for the client software

  • I can view when my reolink Argus is on my home wifi network, but if I am outside of my wifi network the camera will not connect, doesnt matter if I am on wifi or not. Kind of useless product if I cant use my camera remotely. Anyone have the same issue and able to solve? Thank you.

  • Hi, I would like to suggest to have a feature to allow setting up the Motion Detection Zones Alert Notification. For example, For Zone 1, I would only like to record Motion Detection to the SDCard; and for Zone 2, I would like to record Motion Detection to FTP Server and Zone 3 to ONLY send E-Mail

  • The focus performance on the PTZ is subpar and when setting up multiple locations, at varying focal lengths in a cruise path, the slow focus has an impact on the effectiveness of the camera. The camera tends to focus hunt back and forth over optimal focus and finally locking in. This is apparent dur

  • Following this tutorial, my app does not match the UI in the screenshots, and there is not way to set an email schedule in the app now. It says I have the latest version. I am using android.

  • when I move the ethernet cables to different ports, the channels don't move. Can someone tell me how to change the camera channel? I want the cameras in a different order when I open the app. thanks

  • I noticed today my App had updated. The Mark Location feature worked prior to the update. Now once you add one location and name it, you must exit the app and come back in to be able to add and name another one. If you try to add another without restarting it does not prompt for a name.

  • Hello, Under the Alarm-Motion tab when using the reolink desktop software should I see the options list below? I feel like I did at one time, but now all I see is Sensitivity and Motion Detection. The C1 Pro has been updated to firmware version and I am running version o

  • I am running the most recent version of the iPhone app on an iPhone X with the latest version of the phone OS. Fairly often when trying to connect to the camera (RLC-410 and RLC-410WS) via the app over a cellular network I will get a "connection failed" notification. My connection path is as follow

  • Installed after receiving our new RLC-411WS ... This PC Client software is horrific. For the following reasons: My configuration: I have a Laptop, Android Smartphone, and the Camera all on the same home network router, using WiFi. (It is impractical for me to run 100' of Ethernet to direct

  • I am having trouble getting my email to send from the reolink app. I am using a gmail email like it suggests, but no matter what, every test send email fails. Please advise.

  • Using the Reolink Client Software, I would like to know if it would be possible to save our preferences for screen split and camera assignment to each window. I have two eight channel NVR's on my client, so the software automatically defaults to showing all cameras, but yet I only have six cameras a

  • Have you guys thought about offering a Roku or apple Tv App for viewing our cameras? My cameras have been up for 2 weeks and have been working well.

  • Hello, I have the RLC-410S and I am facing some issues, when I live view through the Android App on my Samsung S8+ the image is fine and if someone walks past the camera i can view it smoothly.. However when I try to watch playbacks from the recording on the SD Card it lags really badly, say for

  • my set up was working fine, could see both 423 cameras on my monitor all well and good ,but for some reason i cannot open the software on my monitor or my phone app.. i connected both cams to nvr and nvr to router

  • I am using the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy tab and when viewing the camera the back and multi window buttons stay lit. This is using more battery than it should. Is there a way to not keep these buttons lit while camera feed is ongoing? When in the app but not viewing the camera the buttons turn

  • I just downloaded the Reolink software for the RLC-410 (7/20/17). The camera does not have an SD card, movies are saved to a Windows computer hard drive. I can operate the camera well, and view a real-time feed. However, the camera is saving the video files as *.mp4 on the hard drive. Where is Trans

  • Can you bring back the "Push" toggle on the main screen? It's easier to disable the camera notifications rather than going into each camera and accessing the toggle from there. Better yet create an option to define profiles so that I can disable/enable push/email for my various cameras. It would be

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