• Hi, If the internal HDD needs replacing in the future, can a standard drive be fitted? What is the maximum size for any internal drive? Some NVR product listings say "ONLY for Reolink PoE IP Cameras". Does this mean that the NVR is designed specifically not to work with other manufacturer's camera

  • I can access my Argus 2 when I'm on LTE, but at work I can't access it but the ports are heavily locked down. What ports do I need to open to access my camera remotely using my WiFi at work?

  • I just recently go a IOS update on my phone and ipad. this seems to correlate with a problem I now see. The IOS app can't connect when on 4G LTE but works fine on any WiFi connection. Example is you go to coffee show on wifi you connect fine. If you turn off WiFi the app cant connect. If you use a 4

  • The Reolink site says that it supports remote viewing with IP Cam Viewer (iphone) but I cant seem to get my Reolink 410 to connect. No problem with other manufactures cameras connecting with this app. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • I have two RLC-410WS cameras and the font size in each is different. I would like a larger font so that when viewing on the mobile app the larger letters will be easier to read.

  • I’m glad to see that windows client now supports Argus cameras. Just some remarks: - When I play recorded video from sd card, it seems the small ones be cut off for the first seconds. - Full screen in live view shows a zoomed video. - I would like to have on option to save recorded video as one f

  • Is it possible to add the Argus to the PC client? I'm trying to backup my recordings over FTP. When I hit "scan device in LAN" nothing happens. When I try to add manually, i'm not sure if i'm using the correct information. Lastly, would being on different frequencies matter? My 2.4 and 5 ghz have th

  • Recently installed RLK8-410B4 NVR system with an add on RLC-423 5MP PTZ. Not entirely impressed with the NVR interface, but the iOS app and Mac Client are pretty good and make up for it. I have continuous recording and motion detection set up. The alerting works great, however it's nearly impossibl

  • Technical experts please advise! I have a C1-Pro and RLC-411WS. My home internet is ATT 100mbps fiber (up and down). The issue is streaming live and playback from cameras to smartphone app. When smartphone is connected to cellular network (4G/LTE), it cannot sustain more than about 600kbps streamin

  • I have a reolink NVR with 4 cameras adjoined. for a few months now I have had trouble accessing the streams via the iPhone app via the UID. It lets me login, but does not load the streams. When on Wi-Fi anywhere, the UID works fine. I thought it was the phone, so I actually bought another to no avai

  • I am have trouble with the Mac Client. I have the latest version of the client I think, but it does not find the Argus when I click on the add device button. Does anyone know if will allow viewing the camera image on a Macbook Air running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4? Could someone please post

  • There are some nice things about v4.5.0.3. But sadly, there are visual changes to the playback that make it much harder to use. In the previous version the blue color of the video clips on the timeline bars had a good contrast to the background and was easy to see. In the new version the light blue

  • Hey, I have two cameras rls-411ws and at night on each of them you can see such circles. One is the latest firmware, but nothing has improved. Turning off the auto-focus and manual focus options does not help. Is there any solution to this problem? RLC-411WS.png FW.png Image_settings.png Advance_s

  • Hello, I think it would be nice to be able to leave the choice on App for android or IOS users (Reolink Argus) on the duration of the recording during a detection, because 6 seconds I find it too limited, that the you can choose the recording time between 6 seconds and 5 minutes. You will tell me t

  • Hi, I have updated my Reolink App for Android to the latest version v4.5.1.0 and I found a glitch in this release: - When I switch from potrait mode to landscape mode, the PTZ icon is showing on IPC that have no PTZ feature, when I press that PTZ icon, it goes away for non-PTZ IPC. New feature in

  • In client V7.2.2.18 there is a "beep" when motion is detected. How do I turned it off? it's very annoying. Thanks.

  • Never had a problem with the app until 4 weeks ago. Now it will only connect using my cell phone app while I'm on wifi. If I'm not on wifi it will show connection failed. I switched my cell phone carrier thinking it was them. Nope. Same result with different carrier. Please help. Looks like I'm not

  • I have a very newly-set-up system which at the moment only has two RLC-410 cameras connected. I will eventually need to have more cameras, but I'm just getting started with all of this. The cameras connect to a POE Ethernet switch, so I'll be using all POE Ethernet cameras. As of now, one of the c

  • Hi, how come setting the maximum resolution for the camera, the live on the phone I see every 2 seconds while the normal PC every 1 second? Is it possible to fix?

  • I cannot seem to add any additional users to Reolink Client V7.2.2.12 connected to a RLC-423 camera. I choose 'common user', enter a name and a password, click 'add' and get the 'Add User Fail' error. Any ideas?

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