• I have an issue with the Keen pt ranger. It connects perfectly to the 4g network but if I try to bind to the cloud then my other reolink Go stops connecting. Even resetting both of them one works and the other does not, its either camera. does anybody else encountered the same issue? thanks
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  • I have a Keen Ranger PT. It was working great for two weeks and now has lost it's connection. I have reset the camera and the message says connection to network complete. When I open the app, I constantly get the message "connection failed". I can see it's fully charged and thats it. Please help!
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  • The property I want to mount the Keen Ranger PT on has very few trees and lots of tall shrubs with slender limbs. What about mounting the Ranger and the solar panel on a tall, metal fence post? Any ideas as to how to do that? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Just in case the online specs are down playing features, this camera cannot use WiFi? I have pretty good outdoor WiFi where I would be interested in trying this and 4G tariffs in the UK are horribly expensive...

  • Hi, y'all, KEEN Ranger PT Pre-Order is open today! Best price for the early birds. Early Birds Discount: 15% until July 29th First 500 consumers: Free KEEN Anti-Theft Bracket(like the below picture shown) Remember the 20$ big coupon you bought before? You can save 20$ on the basis of the 15% early

  • Re: #KEEN Ranger PT Features: What Features to Expect for this 2K 4G Trail Camera?

  • How much per month does the cellular plan cost? Is it not compatible with Verizon? I only saw T-Mobile listed and their coverage is not great in our area

  • Hey, Since day 0 i am not to use High stream in live view. Any idea what is wrong ? Mid and Low is working fine.Screen_Recording_20220831_215158_Reolink.mp4 4G connection is fine. Regards

  • Anyone know where I can find step by step setup instructions for the keen ranger? From box through app. Thanks

  • For a good wildlife camera following specs are missing: smooth footage with at least 30 fps at 2K,better 4K 24/7 streaming feature connecting to any cloud storage, own cloud, youtube etc. 5G connectivity WiFi connectivity higher battery capacities by external batteries higher solar panels capacities

  • Hey guys! As I introduced yesterday, KEEN Ranger PT will be the first product of KEEN. Today I would like to show you the KEEN Ranger PT in more detail! KEEN Ranger PT is the First-Ever Pan/Tilt 4G Trail Camera with 360°view and 2K Live Streaming. View this video to see more! https://youtu.be/4

  • Before the release, I was provided with the new Reolink Keen camera for extensive testing over several weeks. This camera is based on the Reolink Go PT Plus and the full product name is Keen Ranger PT. The name alone already reveals in which direction the rabbit is running: Trail camera. Note: all
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