• Hello, Reolinkers! It's been over a decade since we embarked on the wonderful journey together. We would have never been able to make it this far without your unwavering support! To make our upcoming anniversary even more special, join us in the exciting Q&A Domino giveaway and show off your knowle

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  • Dear Reolinkers, We understand the importance of SIM card connectivity for our cellular cameras. Vodafone has informed us that, starting August 1, 2024, they will discontinue their Smart SIM connectivity service in the UK and several European countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Republic of

  • Dear All, welcome to the KEEN official community! In this place, you may feel free to share your experience in using our KEEN Trail cameras, software, and other products, connect with each other, and exchange ideas. Of course, you won't miss any latest product news, software updates, exciting even
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  • My keen ranger pt solar panel isn't charging the camera,i've moved it for more sunlight cleaned it and cut branches away. But I have to remove the camera and charge it from a household source. Can you replace it. Regards David

  • I setup up my keen ranger pt in the woods however the 3watt solar panel doesnt really charge it so much resulting in a depletion of battery after few days. Has anyone tried the new 6 watt solar panel? any tips how to adjust the solar panel in the woods to keep it charged? Thanks
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  • Where do I find current firmware download my current is v3.0.0.1084_22062300.
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  • I have keen pt ranger game camera. Can you create feature that save battery life. Like you can turn on a feature like game camera the can do photos instead filming to, or film only motion is detected.

  • Your website says the Keen camouflage camera is discontinued. Is this true?
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  • I think I understand, but I want clarification. Do I need to order T-Mobile SIM cards for my Keen cameras, or will the Nano cards work? Thank you.

  • Seems like a good camera, very clear, I've set it up where I had 1 bar on the phone and the camera will not pick up reception, so I now need to drive the camera 5km to access and change any set up configurations. It needs to have the capability of Bluetooth or WiFi, we use Star-link as we have very

  • I have the Keen camera, and have been using the Time Lapse feature to record progress on our construction site. I also love the PTZ feature because it allows us to focus on the specific activity going on. My disappointment was that I couldn't get the camera to go back to the identical position for

  • Does any one know how to change the APN settings on the keen ranger camera? SIM card is working but wonโ€™t connect to the network
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