• I suggest that ports used by Push Notification to be differents than the ones for accessing the camera remotly. I want push notification but i don't want to access my camera remotly. Since those ports opening are the same to the same AWS service i can't. Thanks

  • I would like to suggest that the Argus 2 have an Apple TV app similar to the Arlo Apple TV app that could be obtained through the Apple TV App Store. Because I have a Mac that I leave always on, I would like to record all my footage locally on that machine and then be able to view the recordings or

  • Please add a feature that allows me to download all videos at the same time (not one at a time) from a camera and from all cameras in the Android app. I have 7 Argus 2 cameras and if I can download the videos in advance, I can review them at Clear quality smoother and faster because I won't have to

  • Would it be possible to integrate an option in settings, to disable motion for a specific period of time. Motion has worked great thus far, but at night is horrible for me. Even when the motion setting for night is all the way to low sensitivity. I would like to Disable it completely for the night

  • One of the (very few) features I miss from my Netatmo camera is the inclusion of a frame grab in the push notification. I can see at a glance whether the motion was a person, car, animal, etc and decide whether to review the footage. Please consider. IMG_3910.jpg

  • Is there a way to switch off the camera,“in app” or do you just switch off recording option. Also an on app number like a sms message as a notification, as to let you know a camera has been activated once,twice or any number of times would be real handy, so you don’t miss an activation.

  • It is possible to add the option to put a Watermark, I would like to add my logo, thank you! :D

  • Currently there's an option to save 'Video and Picture' and 'Picture Only' to FTP. Please add the option to save 'Video Only'.

  • Need a quick method to turn off/on push and email notifications please. When home I dont need notifications. If I go out I need a function in the App to toggle notifications on

  • I would like to see the android app open to the camera that caused the push notification when I get an alert instead of whichever camera was the last one viewed. Just listing some improvements that think would make this system even better. It is getting better with the latest updates, so I'm not com

  • Hello! A couple of (hopefully simple) improvement ideas! For the RLC-410 at least, choosing 1080P results in output streams as follows (as reported by ffmpeg): Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High) ([7][0][0][0] / 0x0007), yuv420p(progressive), 1920x1072, q=2-31, 30 tbr, 1k tbn, 90k tbc Stream #0:1: A

  • I would like to see the split screen setting become "sticky" IOW when I select camera's 1-8 on my 16 camera nvr to be shown in the 9 screen configuration it would be nice if it stayed selected when I close the client software, or the mobile app.

  • I miss in the Mail from the Reolink RLC-423 Camera a Subjekt in the Mail! I missing a little Text in the Mail. There come a Mail without Subjekt and Text!

  • I miss the Reolink RLC-423 make a Directory in ftp Server Day by Day. Example: Monday, 19.03.2018 --> Directory = monday-19-03-2018 Directory = tuesday-20-03-2018 <-- In this Directory all Pictures from the Tuesday * Sorry for my bad English. I am an German old Man!

  • My Wisch: Make in WebUI a Dropdown Menue to Control the IR-LEDs - Auto (IR LEDs Control by zoom) - off (IR LEDs allways off) - 2 IR LEDs - 4 IR LEDs - 6 IR LEDs That Option is User Friendly.

  • please implement Web Browser Viewing for all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari) Please allow viewing of single or multiple Argus cams at once with ON-CLICK handlers for live views & full screen enlargements. Would be nice to allow some advanced cam & network features to be access

  • I barely found the link to this community at the bottom of reolink.com home page. I strongly suggest you put a link to this community in the Support item at the TOP of the home page.

  • 1. It would be good that PTZ camera can motion detect in monitored area while using the pan/tilt/zoom (Cruise Path) of the camera, but do not give an alert if you only use the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom (cruising speed) and there is no motion in the monitored area. If it is too difficult to do, then at

  • Consider window cling stickers that go inside the window rather than adhesive stickers that go outside of a window. Cling type sticker hold up much better in weather over the long term.

  • The NVR channel list in the PC application should show the aliases of the channels and not just "channel01," "channel02," etc. It's really difficult to remember what each channel is being used for.

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