• I would love to see some additinal options like to set actions dependig on canerastatus (like if Cam1 dedects movement move cam2 to position x - so when using a TrackMix you can preset it according to other alerts) And what I'm realy struggeling with is the reduced WebInterace (every major setting

  • TrackMix POE - zoom movement limitations The TrackMix philosophy is great, however I wish there was a setting to freeze the zoom (rather than it zooming in and out - while the tracked person moves horizontally on road past camera). In other words I want to set and keep the zoom for clarity and pan

  • Hello, It seems that you can backup the configuration for each camera to a specific directory on your PC but why on earth is there no restore function? It can take quite a while to set up all the parameters for FTP, Email, DNS, video quality etc and it would be really useful to be able to restore th

  • I have 4 Reolink Go PT LTE cameras in various locations. These cameras aren't in easy to access locations. Is it possible to enable the client apps to view SMS messages on the SIM card? There are notifications being sent to the SIMs and I cannot view them unless the SIM is installed in a mobile devi

  • Is it possible to record on the microSD only when a person or Vehicle is detected? At the moment this option is only available on Push notification. I assume that all alerts are uploaded to the cloud and then filtered there before sending the push notification

  • Hello, do you have a plan for mqtt support? Nowadays it is a good protocol to share informations between home automation software and devices. We could have mqtt channel for AI detection, snapshot etc... Thanks Regards

  • Any plans on offering different Lens options on RLC-510 type of cameras? I am on my 4th or 5th generation of cameras at my home. I've experimented with virtually every consumer or prosumer IP camera. The cameras that I am replacing are Dahua and Hikvision. I purchased my first Reolink camera abo

  • Reolink should really look to develop a video doorbell that works with existing NVR's and is powered via POE. I purchased a ring doorbell a while back but ended up returning it to the store, just wasn't for me. I would love to see one released with similar features that works with their system.

  • Is there any way to trigger alarm via cgi command? I have laser tripwire and PIR sensors and I want force NVR to start recording on command addition to standard camera motion detection.

  • I have some suggestions to be added into a new firmware update in the future. 1, The ability to have push notifications for specific cameras. Currently push notifications is enabled for all cameras at once. 2, Allow user to have control of specific camera(s). I would like to give my neighbor acces

  • This is something which has probably been suggested before, but it is something that should be very easy to implement. I have an E1 Pro and when the camera switches between day/night modes this falsely triggers a motion detection event. The firmware should be able to prevent this by temporarily di

  • It would be nice to be able to change the DHCP server settings on the NVR in the future. Because I would like to be able to shrink the scope that the NVR hands out to the camera's. For example, by default the NVR handed my camera's 172.16.x.x/16 which is a huge subnet! I want to shrink it to 172.16.

  • Hello, I'ld really appreciate the possibility in the Reolink PC Client to Minimize reolink PC client in the windows taskbar, in order to not have it everytime in the taskbar, taking some space for nothing. it should be really appreciate to reduce it! (as my previous software, logitech alert comman

  • Can we please have the hardware decoding feature in the client/apps switched to off as default? it seems that so many people have hardware compatibilty issues with their devices, so would make more sense to have it default off and then can be manually switched on.

  • Hi I have the below suggestions for additional features to the NVR user account settings Include / Exclude cameras by user account Playback permission by user account Thanks

  • Do any of the Reolink cameras have built in sound pickups (microphone) that will provide audio as well as video?
  • This topic is deleted!

    Hello all, I'd like a way to trigger the siren on my RLC-823A using a URL. Is this possible to do? This would allow me to trigger the siren in my home automation system based on some event.

  • https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000639486-Introduction-for-Status-LED-of-Reolink-NVRs As you know (and as is documented above), a red blinking light indicates that the NVR is recording to the HDD. However a red blinking light is often used to indicate an error rather than normal fu

  • TrackMix is the most innovative camera I know today (across all other brands), but yes, there is more "wishes" to develop. I start wishes from TrackMix as base: 1) patrolling (cruise)! Together with tracking. Possibility to set times - how long to stay in position, how long to track before returning

  • I have waited literally years for the new Reolink Doorbell camera. I see that it is now available. Unfortunately, I won't be purchasing one as it won't operating my existing front and back doorbell wired chimes. I'm really disappointed that the doorbell won't support existing chimes. Most versions o
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