• Something that I miss in the reolink application is a thumbnail picture on notification that eufycam has. If you could add that would be great 👍

  • Maybe this already exists, but I cant seem to find it. The request is that administrative features be available via the web console.. Currently you can log into the NVR via its IP address and you get similar features to the App.. however if a camera doesn't successfully register with the NVR one

  • I would like to have the option to draw notification zones similar to how I can already draw a non-detection zone. It would be nice to be able to record every motion/smart detection that triggers a recording in the entire field of view but be able to draw a zone or multiple zones to only send me not

  • I bought Duo Floodlight PoE because I thought the floodlight would function as an alarm. My hope was when a person was detected, the floodlight would turn on and scare them away. Unfortunately, the floodlight does not work like this. It basically functions as a simple light that is capable of detect
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  • from the question earlier: https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000771583-Can-I-Connect-a-Keyboard-to-NVR Though we can use the software keyboard, it's terribly slow. Please add keyboard support.

  • Hello! I want to have Pan and Tilt function in the phone app by dragging up down left right on the live PICTURE with your finger, and also Zoom by pinching with 2 fingers on the live view! This would make it possible to PTZ especially in horizontal view on the phone, without blocking parts of the p

  • Setting alarm settings is a challenge. Getting all the settings just right to ensure you alarm and record the events you want while keeping false alarms manageable can be difficult. One feature that would help users get setting correct would be to identify what caused the detection. Perhaps a fea

  • This has been asked many times and still needs to be asked again. Can Reolink please put in a process for the firmware update/download page to be update with the latest firmwares (and preferably previous versions) as this is creating massive confusion as to what the latest versions are. Ive got came

  • Hi, Any chance that there will be the ability to set preset positions on the Keep Ranger PT any time in the future? Thanks
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  • What's the process to change Admin or other User with Admin privileges when the existing password is forgotten? Why do you have to reset the TrackMix WiFi camera to Factory Default when this occurs?

  • TrackMix WiFi Password Change Reolink... Please provide function to reestablish the camera password for the network on the Reolink Client and Mobile app after it has been changed on the WiFi network (router). Currently, you have to reinstall the camera and lose all settings :(

  • Hello Reolink! I have been a loyal customer using your products for the past 3 years. Your Argus PT is amazing. I just ordered the Argus PT Ultra. I see you have doorbell cameras. Would be good if you sold battery power WiFi doorbell cameras...any plans to sell such a product? I would definitely buy
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  • Hello I really like the CX410 camera for low light areas on my property but I was wondering, since this camera is made for low light areas shouldn't there be a black version? Are you planning on releasing a black version? I am want to purchase a few but not until a black version is available. Thanks

  • Re: Display a box around the Motion that is sensed A Display box around motion was brought up in 2020. We are relatively new Reolink owners with nine cameras, and saw a security camera on TV today that had the display box around motion feature. We are bringing this up again, hopefully to Reolink e

  • It has been suggested for years and it would really make sense. Here are sample applications in case, Reolink lacks understanding the usefulness: Motion detection could switch on lights via home automation Fire up an external alarm sirene Pause motion detection if lawn mower robot is active Pause

  • ONVIF motions push does only include regular motion but with cameras like RLC-510WA there's smart detection of both person and vehicle. Please include Person (and Vehicle) motion event to the ONVIF push where applicable. Thanks.

  • Morning, I am trying to use an RLC-823 16X as a license plate camera and I've had good success during the day but night photos are unusable. Images are too bright and blurry Is there a way to adjust the shutter speed? I see some other Reolink cameras can, but the setting appears missing on this
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