• I have a RLN8-410 with a set of 8 PoE RLC-810a and RLC-820a cameras connected and im trying to view them using standard RTSP protocol. Ideal I would like to use tinyCam Monitor and VLC player to view them, However i cannot get them to work I was able to open the sub stream of the cameras with VLC,

  • Hello, New to Reolink cameras however I've been using Blue Iris for some time with other brand cameras. I decided to switch to a Reolink DVR due to my Blue Iris servers being overwhelmed by the Reolink 4k cameras. I'm guessing 4k and the h.265 encoding just overwhelmed my hardware. decided it was ti

  • I have a RLC-510A 2 weeks ago I got Connection Failed. Pressed the reset button and it worked ok. 2 days ago it happened again so pressed the reset button and it worked ok. Today the same Connection Failed. This time pressed the reset button did nothing. Rebooted the NVR did not help. I know it's g

  • Bought Reolink trackmix Poe. Using a reolink Poe injector. Power is coming to injector''blue light'' and spotlight is staying on , on the camera. I am connecting to my router to a LAN port. When I open app and try add camera it does not recognise and says , camera either not powered on or check wifi

  • I bought one RLC-410W in 2020. (Hardware version IPC_51316M) This camera doesn't have any smart detection. Two years later (Sep.2022). I wanted to buy two new 410W Cameras. I was really happy because the 410W was not available anymore but 510WA with smart detection yes. So I ordered two RLC-510WA C

  • Where can I find a new Firmware for RLC-823A? not the Beta-Vrsion but the final new one? I use v3.1.0.989_22051911_v1.0.0.30

  • I'm new to this but have an E1 Pro which is on my mesh network working fine via the phone app. However Qnap QVR Pro is refusing to connect to it. I've tried each ONVIF option in QVR Pro (Profile S Cameras, Profile S original, Cameras Fixed Setting, and Profile T Cameras. The IP address is correct an
  • This topic is deleted!

    Start running and jumping like there’s no tomorrow!!!, The goal here is to get as far as you can in the weird corridor and avoid falling below in the deep space..Once you reach a certain distance inside the corridor, the level will automatically rise up

  • The rlc 823a loses you at auto tracking when you run, which is useless if the thief runs quickly when near. The Trackmix is better at it. Will it be fixed with a firmware update?

  • I have an RLN8-410 NVR system with mostly RLC-810A PoE cameras but one W--Fi. I have had a few problems over the past few months, once where a camera lens was cracked (a tree branch probably) and took-on water and failed, and recently one where the Ethernet connector became loose and lost contact. E

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to connect to a Wi-Fi camera (Argus 3 Pro) directly through a phone's wifi? I'm setting up an solar-powered Argus 3 Pro to take a time lapse at a remote site. As the camera will be mounted up high, I don't want to have to get the SD card out to periodically get t

  • I try to switch off the internal micrphone of the FE-P, not in the app. No success, audio remains always on. Is there an new firmware to correct this, on the download side of reolink this camera even does not exist Here my version of firmware Kind regards Marco

  • Does anyone know why the Reolink exterior camera only records when the motion is in the furthest left corner of the view? For example, a bus drove by and the camera only captured the back bumper of the bus, but not the approach. Meanwhile, it captured the entire departure. Similarly, a person walk

  • Hi! I'm curious how far the development of new IoT devices is. I really do hope that the Smart WiFi Plug is still coming, although there's been very little information about it over a year by now. Maybe it would be worth to consider making Reolink cameras compatible with some third party IoT ecosys

  • Are there any plans to open up port 22 access for ssh/sftp/scp? I see that there is an option to set up an ftp client on the NVR to copy to an ftp server but I would rather there be a more secure method, like ssh, to get access to the NVR so that I can secure copy files (scp or rsync) from the NVR t

  • using the 411 camera, I downloaded a couple of videos Each indicated 100% complete. I then attempt to perform local playback and nothing happens, I'm not prompted for a file...simply nothing happens I went to the directory where the downloads are located and there are files there with .h264 extens

  • Hello, it's a bit ironic to be honest, I first ordered an Argus PT Ultra and was not happy with the PIR. It did not properly detect people walking towards the camera, which I have had to learn seems to be in the nature of this thing. Reolink Support was very kind and tried to help so we agreed on

  • Reolink Warranty Practices I'm an integrated security company and have purchased Reolink NVR's, all hardwired IP bullet, dome cameras and have added those products to the extended warranty. I purchased a Reolink RLN16- NVR and (6) night-vision domes, (8) night-vision bullets in July 2023. My clie

  • Good morning all From Alabama ! so i am in my 60's my wife and i installed all the cameras they work great with T-Mobile WiFi. We did go ahead and run Cat6 Cable to all . Very happy so far the quality is wonderful Just our 2 cents ...

  • For anymore interested: I've created a simple rain cover for the doorbell. Since links are not allowed search thingiverse for: Reolink Doorbell Rain Cover It clips on top and doesn't needed any screws or other material.
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